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PointOut – Software follows Structure

PointOut® is configured on the basis of your existing business processes and structures, not vice versa – software follows structure.

PointOut® is a flexible software platform that can visualise and actively manipulate every process along the supply chain with a minimum of user effort. The modular design of PointOut® allows our consultants to offer solutions that can quickly be adapted to any situation without further programming.

mSE Solutions developed the PointOut® business application, as there was no suitable solution available on the market to bring transparency to processes and inventories in businesses with complex structures. mSE Solutions is a consulting firm operating internationally in the field of supply chain management. PointOut GmbH is a successful mSE Solutions subsidiary and a leading supply chain management software developer.

By focusing on customer needs and market demands, we can quickly identify and promptly implement new requirements and technical innovations, preventing redundant development along the entire value-added chain while exploiting potential for optimisation and developing improved standards.

Examples of PointOut applications: Segmentation · Key figure reports · Production planning ·   Scheduling and parts control · Project management · Time management · Invoicing and much more

Business Applications

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