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Business Applications

Close cooperation pays off

As an mSE Solutions subsidiary, PointOut GmbH provides optimal and tailored support for projects. This close-knit partnership allows developers at PointOut® to respond swiftly to challenges in a dynamic business environment and to effectively integrate new suggestions and requests from customers into the PointOut® development process.

Software developers, IT professionals and designers can work closely together to create coherent solutions for software and service requirements. We achieve maximum efficiency by bringing together specialists in coding and application design.

This integrated process creates a comprehensive product, whether we are configuring new applications or maintaining and managing existing PointOut® solutions. With PointOut®, the customer gets maximum added value.


The modular design principle allows for open conceptual designs of complex business applications with user-friendly interfaces that can be operated intuitively.

PointOut® thematic maps
PointOut® editable 2D graphics

PointOut® interactive illustration of explosion
PointOut® data matrix



PointOut Runtime

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