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Up-to-date. At any time. Worldwide.

Where you operate and in how many locations is not significant. You are always in the picture.

Central data processing is at the heat of the PointOut® architecture. An Oracle database allows you not only to manage customer data, but also to define the look and feel of business applications. Customers can access up-to-date information in an environment they are familiar with, from anywhere, at any time.

The combination of default functions and a large number of custom options using PointOut® building blocks makes it possible to design complex business applications, even for businesses with very large data volumes. Essential processes can be optimised, whether for order and inventory management, material flows and supplier integration, or product lifecycle and aftersales activities.

The individual PointOut® building blocks are designed to process even large amounts of data and, depending on the requirements, to structure, visualise and analyse them and write them back to your database. The variety of interfaces and the ability to use any existing partner and source systems maximise flexibility and, therefore, offer unlimited options for applications. All PointOut® features can simply be run under Windows or as a web application.


Bridging the Gap Between Server and Web Technology

Significant Advantages

Database Functionality

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