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PointOut is used in numerous mSE Solution projects, such as

Supply Chain Management at Dräger

Using PointOut® we analyze and support the planning processes at Drägerwerk AG. We take care of their worldwide order management for configurable products and cross-border trade as well as the planning and operational control of material supply, rental services and human resources. In addition, PointOut® enables the complete automation of intercompany processes.

Inventory Management at Orsay

In order to optimally manage and control the stock in the large chain of stores, the clothing company Orsay uses PointOut® to calculate the allocation of inventory on a daily basis. To facilitate this process, operational sales planning, product range selection, price planning, allocation of stores and distribution – from the merchandise management system to the warehouse management system – have all been integrated onto one common platform.

Graphical Visualisation at Umdasch

Using a controlling application based on PointOut®, the Umdasch division Doka visually portrays and coordinates worldwide inventory and goods movement, down to the level of single articles. In addition, PointOut® is used for sales management. Differentiated by projects, articles, regions or time periods, the respective profit margins can be generated. Point Out® also provides the basis for the corporate financial reporting. A management-information-system based on PointOut® is used to supply vital input for swift and accurate decision-making.

Suppply Chain Fingerprint© at Mercedes Benz Singapore

The goal of this joint project between Mercedes Benz and mSE Solutions was to achieve the highest level of transparency along the supply chain of spare parts in order to identify as well as generate optimisation potentials.

Using PointOut® to support the methodology of the Supply Chain Fingerprint® we revealed correlations between inventory problems and their root causes within a short period of time and initiated effective solutions to rectify bottlenecks and optimise individual processes within the supply chain.

Reporting at Dräger

At Dräger Safety, PointOut® stores and manages the data obtained worldwide from Interlock breath alcohol measuring instruments. With the Interlock data, we automatically generate legally valid reports for public authorities. Using templates, these reports can be readily adapted to accommodate the respective governmental and technical requirements. In addition, the Interlock service centres use PointOut® to help manage their inventory and customer data.

Planning Application at LHB

The German Armed Forces use PointOut® as a planning application for the distribution of uniforms. It is used to plan inventory, purchasing, allocation and disposition. A special feature of the application comprises planning and controlling of reverse logistics processes.

Geodata-based Monitoring with Frauenhofer IFF

Using PointOut® HubCockpit we monitor and manage goods movements in realtime based on positioning data. Deficiencies and breakdowns in the supply chain can be identified as and when they occur and reported in an early warning system.

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