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Explore product, customer and warehouse hierarchies efficiently

Rapidly growing data volumes have to be processed and visualised by complex, high-performance business applications. This requirement is what determines the choice of technologies used in the ongoing development of PointOut®.

The current C# version of the "PointOut®-Runtime" and "PointOut®-Template Editor" features have been developed using the Microsoft.NET Framework to take advantage of modern web standards with the latest interface design under Windows. AJAX is used to display the window interfaces, including database templates and tables. Microsoft Silverlight® renders interactive graphics and maps in the web-based application.

The PointOut® building blocks offer almost unlimited processing and visualisation options thanks to the large number of functional building blocks.

Multiple PointOut® database templates can be combined as required. They contain predefined functions for importing, selecting, changing and correcting database content. The multidimensional data matrix provides various formatting, structuring and sorting options, as well as chart functions and a large number of predefined analysis and calculation methods,

Two- and three-dimensional chart assist our analysis for example by the use of the following chart types:

waterfall  · box plot · vertical and horizontal bar · line · area · pie

PointOut® supports a rich array of predefined analysis methods, e.g. for:

time-series analysis · correlation analysis · propagation analysis.

PointOut® charts are interactive and values can be edited directly. In web-based applications, Microsoft Silverlight supports powerful interactive chart rendering. PointOut® can render any number of structures and levels that can be used to navigate through product, customer and warehouse hierarchies and to manage other application functions.fileadmin/user_files/pdf/SystemRequirements_PO_V1.1_2013.pdf

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